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weather in the town

weather in the town


This page has been designed to serve as the place, where different business projects would be offered and ideas for business cooperation would be exchanged. Volochysk is rather small, but very well developed town with plenty of machine-building, light and food industry production, which is situated at the crossroads of many important transport routes. Therefore, doing business in this town can be very beneficial, taking into consideration its convenient geographical location, many highly skilled workers, and low cost of local production.

If you are interested in doing business in Volochysk, you can write to the administrators of this site to send in your proposals or just ask a question.

Meanwhile, we are offering you the information about Volochysk region and economic situation there.

General information about Volochysk region
Area: 1.1 thousand sq. km. (5.3 % of the territory of Khmelnytsky region (oblast))
Distance from Volochysk to Khmelnytsky is 65 km (40 miles) by train, and 69 km (43 miles) by car.
Natural resources: sand, clay, mineral waters.

Administrative division
Towns: 1
Urban-type villages: 2
Villages: 83

Population of Volochysk region as of 01.01.2005 59.0 thousand (4.2% of Khmelnytsky region (oblast)), among them: rural population - 36.0 thousand people, urban population 23.0 thousand people.

Socio-economic development of the region

Incomes of the population and job market
The average number of employed people in the region (excluding those working for small business enterprises and self-employed) was 10 930 people in February 2007. The average salary in February 2007 was 616.59 UAH (122 USD), which is 17.4 % more than the minimum subsistence income, which is 525 UAH (104 USD), and 54.1 % more than the minimum wage (400 UAH (79 USD)). Comparing to the national average monthly salary, the one in the region is 46% less.

Production sector
Core production in the region consists of portable electric power stations, bricks, metal items, capacitors, canned food, sugar, bread and bun goods, and more than 100 of other consumer products. The leading enterprises of the region are Agrobusiness LLC, Nominal JSC, Volochysk-Moloko, Niko, joint venture UkPol LLC, Volochysk brick plant, Volochysk hard-component plant, and others. The amount of the output sold per capita is 312.8 UAH (61 USD) in 2007.

There are 11 ALLCs (agricultural limited liability companies), 8 APCs (agricultural production cooperatives), 1 agricultural subsidiary, 13 PAEs (private agricultural enterprises), and 114 farms. All together there are 147 agricultural enterprises in the region.

Small business
New association of entrepreneurs was registered in Volochysk in January 2007. There are 30 members of The Public Organisation of the Association of Volochysk Rayon Entrepreneurs.
There are 3 marketplaces in the region providing 381 trading spots.
As of the beginning of 2007, there are 112 registered farms, which use 2990.28 hectares (7388.881 acres) of farming land. Each farm has 26.7 ha (66 acres) of land. Apart from that the farmers rent 360.06 ha (890 acres) of land and 3857 ha (9530 acres) of land shares.
There is a tendency in the region towards the growth of the service sector, which includes computer services, photo and video services, hairdressers, repairers, refurbishment, transport, petrol stations, and Internet services. A small business company is also developing towns cable TV network.