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New "old" pictures of the town have been added to the Historial Images section.



New version of the web site has been launched. It includes not only changes to the layout and design, but also improvement of the content and new section.


weather in the town

weather in the town


railway timetable

Volochysk is situated at the crossroads of many important transport routes. However, the most convenient way how one can travel to here is by train. You can check the train schedule for Volochysk railway station on this page.

If you intend to use local service trains, you should visit this page then.

distances to key cities by car

If you want to get to the town by car, you should visit our Map section. Alternatively, you can have a look at the map of the roads in Volochysk region (opens in new window).
The distances from Volochysk to some of the major cities in Ukraine, as well as the travel time and petrol usage can be found on this page.
European route E50, which begins in Brest, France and ends in Makhachkala, Russia, goes through Volochysk. Therefore, itll be very easy to find ones way to the town.

bus timetable

Those, who prefer travelling by bus, may find the Bus Schedules page being quite useful. You can contact Volochysk bus station by calling this number (+380 3845) 3 56 06 (Ukrainian language only)